The Workings Behind Men's Soaps

The Workings Behind Men's Soaps

Although not as widely available and marketed, men’s soaps play an important role in men’s  skincare. They are carefully formulated to develop and produce a curation that is suitable for  men and looks after all their needs. That is why it is important to be picky in your selection for a  good men’s soap. A good soap can really make a world of difference to men’s skincare needs.  Here is how it works.


How is men’s skin different from that of women’s?

Now, the bottom line is that men and women have different types of skin. Their skin is different,  it behaves differently, and responds to various products differently. What may work for one may  not work for another. That is something we all know. But what is the major cause for this differ ence? Why does it exist, and what do we have to do about it?

There are numerous differences that you may observe in men’s skin.

  • Men’s skin often tends to be a lot thicker in nature than that of women. To give you a  quantitative figure, men’s skin tends to be more than 20% thicker than women’s skin.  That is because it has a thicker layer of collagen that is situated within the dermis. This  layer of collagen forms the third layer in men’s skin and plays a vital role in men’s skin care. It lends a feature that makes the skin appear to be thicker and firmer in nature.
  • Men’s skin also tends to be far oilier than women’s skin. That is, in large part, due to the  hormonal differences present between men and women. Men have a higher level of an drogens circulating through the body and that plays a direct role in increasing the amount  of sebum production. And yes, that often means a greater amount of acne too.
  • Men’s skin tends to experience signs of aging later in life as compared to the skin of  women. While that is good, these signs are far more prominent when they do actually  show up. Along with that, the changes involved in aging also tend to occur more quickly  when they do eventually begin.

  • The body odour of men tends to be stronger and more prominent. That is why men’s  soaps are carefully formulated to wash off all the sweat and provide a pleasant fragrance.


Keeping these differences in mind, how do you look after men’s skincare?

Owing to these primary differences, men’s skin benefits greatly from a focused skincare approach that is customized to their needs and requirements. This approach is often one that factors  in their unique biological attributes and accounts for appropriate measures.

Let’s take into consideration the example of moisturizers and anti-aging products. These are of ten lighter in texture and do not have a rich or greasy semblance. This keeps germs at bay and  provides for effective facilitation of active ingredients.

Along with that, even men’s soaps tend to benefit from a focused approach. Men’s soaps tend to  have stronger ingredients that are often formulated to help prevent breakouts. They often also  work effectively as scrubs as they contain a variety of different exfoliation particles.  

The bottom line remains that the best products for men’s skin are those that are made in line with  their biological attributes using the highest quality of ingredients that actively come together to  deliver an effective skincare routine for men’s skin.  

How can you create an effective skincare routine for men’s skin? 

To create an effective skincare routine for men’s skin, it is important to bring in products that  take into effect the unique characteristics that lie in men’s skin. Take for example the Aramusk  products. At their very core, all products at Aramusk factor in the biological attributes that lie in  men’s skin. The brand takes into consideration the insight that men are physically, psychological ly, emotionally, and hence, behaviourally unique.

At Aramusk, the team understands that men are different - their bodies are built differently, their  skin is different, and that it sweats differently. All of these variables are already factored into  their range of products that are exclusively #MadeForMen.  

All of the products here enjoy a unique formulation that is customized and aligned to the differ ences that lie in the needs and requirements of men’s skin. That is especially true for their range  of men’s soap. With three unique products available in the exclusive product range, Aramusk  men’s soaps are customized, impactful, and meaningful.


What are the men’s soaps available from Aramusk? 

The Aramusk Force Soap is infused with a vibrant energy that leaves you feeling refreshed and  rejuvenated. Its invigorating fragrance and cooling sensation come together to provide a turbo  charged beginning to your day.  

The Aramusk Musk Soap captures the classic musk fragrance and sensation that is characteristic  to men. It goes a long way in looking after men’s skincare and providing them with a refreshing  start to the day. It lends a role in deeply cleaning the skin, providing extra moisturization, and  invigorating the senses.

The Aramusk Charcoal Soap is a soap designed for the man of action. It gives men the confidence to stay at the top of their game while providing them with a refreshing sense of charisma.

At the same time, it has active ingredients that deeply cleanse the skin, fight all anti-bacterial  agents, and give 99.9% protection from germs.  

All three of these soaps enjoy a five in one complex formulation that cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, perfumes, and freshens. This advanced composition lends Aramusk products the ability to  cater to the unique requirements of men’s skin while leaving them feeling fresh and active all day  long.